Booking Information

Your 2020 safety at the White Heron Estate

Following the most recent government guidelines released on Monday 11th May, we are remaining closed as advised until the 4th July 2020.
Any guests with bookings prior to this date will have received an email from us regarding their booking.

Changes to my booking

For those looking to discuss or reschedule their bookings, please contact us on If you have booked through a 3rd party website, please ensure you check our website for live availability before contacting your booking agent.

Preparing for your arrival

Here at White Heron, like you, we don’t know when we will be welcoming guests to the properties again; however, we have been working hard in the background putting in place all the necessary plans to ensure that when we are able to welcome guests again, it is done in a responsible and safe way; for not only our guests but our team too. Here are just a few of the things that this has included:

  • Additional training for the team on full PPE use, pre-clean sanitising practices, risk management, safe practice and carrying out deep cleans after every departure
  • Training on new chemicals called "broad spectrum sanitisers" which are the widely used chemicals through many industries to carry out such deep cleans
  • We are sending out a pre-stay health questionnaire to carry out checks on all guests arriving, surrounding the Covid-19 virus; as well as a post-departure questionnaire.
  • We have sourced a local company to carry out a process called "fogging", this is a pre-clean process, that sanitises all surfaces and kills 99.9% of any potential bacteria and virus on all surfaces
  • We have ensured there is sufficient time between guests’ departure and guests’ arrival
  • The leisure facilities (jacuzzi and sauna), will be strictly for guests staying at The Colloquy, this will ensure NO contact between different groups of guests. The jacuzzi is emptied, cleaned and refilled after each set of guests, and is also filtered using chlorine.
  • The outdoor heated pool will remain open and available for guests staying at the Colloquy, The Lodge, The Forge and Gardeners Cottage, however we will be allocating “swim times” at which the pool can be used by guests staying in each property (with the smaller properties allocated the morning only slots), again to prevent breach of social distancing protocol. The pool is a low risk area, owing to be it being outdoors, as well as filtered and chlorinated and thus effective in destroying bacteria and CV.
  • Of course, the facilities, remain useable at your own risk.
  • We are building a list of local suppliers who are offering "click and collect/delivery services", which we will provide you with before your stay with us

Your safety during your stay

Here in Herefordshire our community has adapted really well to the new "social distancing" way of life, and played their part in sticking to the rules. As a result we have very low Covid-19 cases and deaths across the county. The properties themselves are all isolated and there is no risk of coming into contact with anyone else at the properties. We have returned the jacuzzi and sauna to an area that can only be used by those staying at the Colloquy, ensuring there is NO contact between different groups of guests, and the pool will have designated “swim times” for each property in your arrival information pack. As you can see from the above, our cleaning regimes have been heightened, and our teams further protected and we will now carry out full sanitising cleans after each departure.

It will be crucial that you also play your part in this, to help us protect everyone; this will be in the following ways:

  • Completing the pre-stay health questionnaire honestly
  • Adhering to good hand washing and hygiene practices during your stay
  • Refraining from calling us out to the properties, unless it is an absolute emergency
  • Alerting us to any guest presenting/developing Covid-19 symptoms during or after their stay
  • Protecting our local community by adhering to social distancing protocols
  • Asking our guests to please strip their own beds and using the laundry bags provided to leave these in the rooms along with your towels – we do understand this is unusual, but this should only take a couple of minutes and will minimise any contact that our team will have with your laundry.
  • During this period we will not be supplying in-room dressing gowns and we apologise for this

If you have any questions about an upcoming stay please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your queries.    •   01544 340241