November at The Whittern Estate

We cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner and that we will soon be saying goodbye to such a glorious autumn! The countryside has been an amazing riot of colours with the good weather we have enjoyed in spades, here in Herefordshire.

Life on the estate now gets ready for winter, and we look forward to much revelry as people join us in the holiday cottages for the Christmas period. There is so much to do locally as long as you are prepared for the weather, as they say there is never bad weather, just bad clothes!

Spend colourful autumn days in Herefordshire

As summer is officially over, we eagerly anticipate the warm hug that Autumn brings. Whether it's the dramatic change of scenery, romantic misty mornings or early darkness that encourages us to sit and relax by the fire, autumn is a truly rich and beautiful season to enjoy.

Jo Hilditch took to The Den

Last Sunday, our Founder, Jo Hilditch took to the Den to find out if she could find the right investor and partner amongst the well-known Dragons in her quest to expand British Cassis.

Pitching for £50k in return for 10% of the British Cassis business, Jo’s cocktails went down a storm and she had soon won the approval of Deborah Meaden, Sarah Wilkinson and Peter Jones. And whilst he didn’t make a formal offer, it was clear that Nick Jenkins took a liking to the products too, as he drank both his own Raspberry Daquiri and Touker Suleyman’s too.

Foodie Heaven

If you’re passionate about good food, then you have come to the right place. Herefordshire and the surrounding areas are home to an abundance of great local restaurants and pubs. We’ve put together a list of our favourites to ensure you sample the best of what the county has to offer and make the most of your stay with us at White Heron Properties.

Herefordshire and it’s Castles

Castles are fascinating landmarks to visit no matter what age you are. For children they conjure up thoughts of brave knights and fairy tale, whilst the adults can immerse themselves in the rich history and breathtaking architecture - making them a perfect day out for all the family.

The Herefordshire area is home to an abundance of castles, all of which offer a unique experience. So, here’s an insight into some of our favourites so that you can choose which one you would like to visit (or which one you’d like to visit first), when staying at White Heron Properties.

Summer Activities in Herefordshire

The fast approaching summer holidays and lovely sunny weather means the start of trying to find activities to do with the family, and we all know how difficult that can be! We are often being asked by our guests at White Heron Properties for recommendations and are always more than happy to help. With this in mind we thought that we would pull together a list of some exciting activities, which will hopefully put you in the summer mood and get you out into the stunning countryside that Herefordshire has to offer.

Out and About in Herefordshire - Summer 2015

We all know the English weather is a little temperamental, so when the weather turns warmer we really do need to make the most of it! It’s nice to show our guests at White Heron Properties the best that the county has to offer, so we’ve put together a whole array of outdoorsy events and activities to help you decide what to do sunshine or not!

Spring/Summer Events

Spring is our favourite season, as not only do we start to see some beautiful weather, but there are many exciting events to look forward to in the coming months. If you are looking to visit Hereford and the surrounding areas this season, we have put together a spring/summer calendar to keep you entertained.

Malvern Spring Gardening Show 7th – 10th May
The place to be for an avid gardener. A long weekend featuring inspirational gardens, and the finest quality plants and flowers. Celebrity gardeners are in attendance to teach their skills to the novices.

The Weir Garden

If you are looking for a Spring break, March through to May in Herefordshire is a magical time. Especially this year when we have had little frost or snow, spring has very definitely sprung with swaths of daffodils and early blossoms on the trees. Whilst it is certainly not peak season, it is a great time to visit the county. Indeed it is often the case of 4 seasons in one day, but with good clothing and an eye on the forecast it can be a great time to enjoy exploring the county.

Autumn at The Whittern Estate

With the arrival of autumn, life at The Whittern Estate is all very fruitful. We have finished the blackcurrant harvest and now we begin the apple harvest. Our fruits mainly go to the local cider producer and the pungent smell of ripened apples and misty mornings makes this a poetic time of year.