Herefordshire and it’s Castles

Castles are fascinating landmarks to visit no matter what age you are. For children they conjure up thoughts of brave knights and fairy tale, whilst the adults can immerse themselves in the rich history and breathtaking architecture - making them a perfect day out for all the family.

The Herefordshire area is home to an abundance of castles, all of which offer a unique experience. So, here’s an insight into some of our favourites so that you can choose which one you would like to visit (or which one you’d like to visit first), when staying at White Heron Properties.

Eastnor Castle
If you fancy becoming an explorer for the day, Eastnor Castle provides spectacular surrounding views of the rolling Herefordshire countryside. The castle and it’s grounds are steeped in history so there is plenty to discover. Eastnor also allow dogs, so you really can take the whole family! The castle is open from Easter to September, with events and activities put on regularly for visitors to enjoy.

Ludlow Castle
Ludlow Castle gives you an opportunity to delve into the fascinating secrets of the love, treachery and scandal of the castle’s past inhabitants. It is one of the smaller, lesser known castles but great for foodies like us, with an annual food festival held within the castle grounds. And, we promise you, Herefordshire produce is delicious!

Hampton Court
Take a step back in time at Hampton Court and discover how it evolved through its history, right from its very beginnings in the 15th Century. Guided tours and annual events are held to help you and your family take a look into the past. A visit wouldn’t be complete without a walk through the Hampton Court maze, hailed as the most famous maze in the word. It is sure to keep the whole family occupied as its many twists and turns make for an enchanting yet slightly confusing experience.

Goodrich Castle
You’ll find Goodrich Castle nestled in leafy Herefordshire, with a view over the beautiful River Wye. Though this site isn’t large in scale, it makes up for it in its great historical interest.

Croft Castle
Are you and your family looking for a bit of an alternative day out? Discover 1000 years of history at Croft Castle! You can try bird watching in the parkland, or if you just fancy exploring the grounds, you can do so with your four legged friends! Croft Castle also offers events from seasonal festivals to living history camps all year round - what better way to spend a family day out in the Herefordshire countryside?

Raglan Castle
Located in nearby Monmouthshire, is Raglan Castle, a stronghold for Oliver Cromwell for a number of years. Built more for show than for battles, this Castle remains a sight to behold. It is a great location to let the kids roam free and explore the grounds as their own playground. With a shop and cafe just around the corner, it’s a worthwhile way to spend the afternoon if you’re looking to venture a little further from White Heron Properties.

A castle visit is not to be missed when visiting Herefordshire, each one offers something for everyone, meaning a visit to any one of them is a great day out for the whole family. We still have last minute availability left on the Whittern Estate, so if you’re looking to visit throughout the summer, take a look at our bookings page today, or alternatively contact us on 01544 340241 to find out our #lastminute offers!